Here we have some music compositions and free improvisations made by Daniela Falcon, there is a lot of material that have not being possible to show on the web, but this material will be showed with the pass of time.

Ulterior: that comes from far away

The electronic media sounds are consequence from the frequencies from the instrument sound. In this way, the technology depends from the acoustic instrument for being heared.


Lunares – Work In progress



Pámparios – Soundscape


Text and voice improvisation, performed by Daniela Falcon



Performer, composition and original idea: Daniela Falcon

Assort-Direction: Guillermo San Juan



The Heaven on the Skin

Composition and piano: Daniela Falcon

Body: Pauline Dewambrechies

Voice: Baltazar Peña




Experimentation with toys, a refrigerator, piano played with two fingers, elevator and trains. Is a piece that is about the break and being open to the abrupt change, created on a very visceral way without thinking on structures.