Broken PerfOpera


Broken Perfopera is an interdisciplinary performing-art piece, researching a contemporary representation, it mix performance, music and theatre. Makes a criticism about the role played by women on our current society in relation with overproduction (capitalist term) that surround our social systems.

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This piece emerges from observing patterns existing due sexual violence and abuse generated toward women, and how this event provoked an internal awareness of it, which is similar of feeling exploited. Exploited as well as the food provided by the System we live in today, and that women only function as an immediate satisfaction, without awareness that we are the ones who endow life and possess fertility in this world, and in the same way has been the exploitation of nature of those who have power in this world, without empathy that the earth is what gives us life, fertility and fruits so that we can live.

Then the following premise arises:

How is it that the woman’s body has been attacked and vulnerable due to the image of the object that is imposed on her and that has existed in her up to the present in our Social System. The above is comparable to the lack of awareness that exists in relation to nature and those who are responsible for generating a consumer society through the production of what human being depends, lacks consciousness and has led the world on a overexploitation earth and nature, which is something that should have a natural process such as sexuality and reproduction.








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The creation of this piece, comes from a personal artistic process as a composer and performer (of the Music Project as a Scenic Entity), that Daniela has been developing in recent years. Also this proposal, together with the Perf-Opera wins the First Place on the National Prize for Contemporary Scenic Creation endorsed by National Fund for Culture and the Arts.









Work In Progress at National Prize of Interdisciplinary Scenic Creation


Complete Piece

Author: Daniela Falcon
Direction: Daniela Falcon
Codirection: Guillermo San Juan
Composition Musical: Daniela Falcon
Performers: Karla Paola, Daniel Goel, Daniela Falcon
Opera singer: Ingrid Gabriela
Interdisciplinary Experimental Music Ensamble: Cynthia Garduño, Belinda Huerta, Jonathan Noverón, Ernesto Alejandro Salgado, Alda Arita, Luz Anahí Olivares, Victor Cortés, Augusto Chavez, Rafael Belman
Puppet construction and handling: Gerardo Ledezma
General Production: Un Teatro & Fondo Abierto Colective
Executive Production: Homero Fernandez Segura
Illumination Design: Mauricio Arizona
Dressmaker: María María
Multimedia: Homero Guerrero
Production Assistance: Emiliano Tello
Graphic Design: Alejandra Trazos
Stage Construction: En FA Producciones
Wardrobe Realization: Rosario Rojas Ortiz
Photography: Fabiola Dominguez / Daniela Falcon
Video Recording: Alexandra Ballesteros / Daniela Falcon

L@s Que Vienen. . .

Nuestro propósito es el de fomentar una comunidad de performers y artistas interdisciplinarios en espacio público, como acción para cambiar las pautas establecidas dentro de las instituciones artísticas en México, también como acto de otros tipos de integración social, difusión y reacción de las artes en la actualidad y en el contexto que se vive en nuestro país, ya que el arte está sumamente institucionalizado y casi no hay expresiones performáticas en espacios públicos que fomenten el alcance a diversos públicos que no sean solamente personas del gremio artístico ó intelectual, a su vez fue un acto pacífico y profundo en reacción a la Nueva Reforma Militar (que establece que los militares pueden intervenir con la sociedad civil cuando quieran, y a su vez estar en los espacios públicos).



Hicimos visible e invisible a su vez, el acto performático como acto que puede permear a la sociedad y al individuo, entonces, se planteó que a forma libre de expresión, todos los performers interviniéramos el Monumento a la Revolución como símbolo, a su vez, integramos ciertos principios contenidos en la lectura “La Revolución de los Que vienen” del Comité Invisible, que habla sobre el cambio que necesita el mundo, habitando y siendo partícipes del espacio fomentando nuevas formas posibles. Respondiendo de forma pacífica y llevando las artes a otros públicos y a su vez integrando como partícipes a performers sin una carrera artística, sino que simplemente querían expresarse en el espacio público, creando una acción fuera de lugar de lo que estamos acostumbrados en México y a su vez, de manera sutil rompiendo las leyes de lo que supondría la Nueva Reforma Militar (cosa que no nos va a detener a seguir accionando en espacios públicos).

Musician As Stage Entity


Musician As Stage Entity

This project was born because the artist’s intention about involve her interests on the creation of her own manifestation, passing through music as vibration principle, of movement, also vibration as the beginning of everything, the body as consequent and then the visual world that is the manifestation of that process which starts from the most simple thing, sound. She has developed many performance that are linked to this work-process. This project has been developed with the support and counseling from the actor Guillermo San Juan who also is developing with Daniela the Broken Opera, where we are having as principle the fusion of this developed proposals on Musician As Stage Entity and the music composition from the opera.



Trimurti means Three Forms in Sanskrit, is a term that makes reference to three important Gods from hinduist mythology that are Brahma, Visnu and Shiva. Those gods represent respectively the creation, conservation and destruction cycles from the Universe. On this performance, the symbols are retaken for make a representation about how the subconscious mind and conduct are affected by those three forces that are revealed on body, at some moment the character is broken, until it arrives to the moment of body energies union



Money Love, Money Sickness

Performance shown with Anatrizas. Here we have an perform improvisation exploration with text, expressivity and body, as consequence of being musician (and not an actress).

Lunares – Composer Performers Workshop

Extract of a performance composed and performed by Dan. This is from Lunares project, and was showed on Kunsthalle at Darmstadt Musikinstitut 2016. As a part from the Workshop Composer-Performer with Jennifer Walshe and David Helbich.


Bathroom Intervention

This is an improvisation-intervention that shows the diverse possibilities that can be in a bathroom as musician and how it affects the space.


Dan as performer from a proposal made by Omar Spencer, composer.

Mythological Soundscape


Mythological Soundscape. Is a project that started on 2012, with the first soundscape made in Wirikuta, at San Luis Potosi desert. When Dan, made this piece she just started her studies on music composition, and was not possible to develop this project on totality. The development of this project, consists on doing the soundscapes that involves the immediate reality with myths from places, and with fantasy, made by the composition of sounds that the author perceive and create getting inspired with the place. Is on the plan, to make this project on many parts from the world, starting with all the American continent, from Alaska to Tierra de Fuego in la Patagonia, on this way, perceiving all the sound possibilities and the interpretation that places can give, and also as a manifest of the importance that have to conserve and preserve the mythologies and make them still alive, to foment the live contact with nature and human beings. Here we show the first soundscape, and we hope that on 2018 could be possible to retake this project with the first travel over all the American Continent, linked also to obtain a visual-exploration.


This soundscape has been showed on the International Personal Soundscapes from ORF Musikprotokoll, on the Pierre Schaeffer Price from Phonurgia Nova Festival, at the Videodance Festival CINEDANS (as part of a video dance project, performed by Davy Bisaro and directed by Baltazar Peña Ríos), and at some shows in Canada and Mexico.




Soundscape based in samples collected in Wirikuta.
Wirikuta was the place of world creation according to Wixarica (huicholes in Spanish) culture, it is located in San Luis Potosí desert at Mexico northwest, covering 193,000 hectares. Pámparios means thank you in this proto-nahua language. One of their most important millenary legends narrate that when all was darkness, from Ocean’s profundities blue deer was born, it made a pilgrimage to find light, walking to the east arriving to Wirikuta , sacrificed itself and became hikuri (peyote) for being light and heal.
Recording people daily activities, music, an old man who doesn’t had a leg and an eye who worked in trail tracks when was young, a crying kid, some girls calling in a cell phone saying an adress for arrive, a woman who sang after two years of no rain, rain, rivers formed by the storms, rays, old and recent watermills, steps, swings, the train (where sometimes are inmigrants from Mexico and South America, crossing the country for arrive to United States). I mixed all this sounds for express my own experience of being there, trying to connect with fantasy.
This soundscape uses all the samples from this place, anything was recorded on a study or after the expedition to Wirikuta. I’m trying to tell a story about going inside, that can be related to a symbolism of death and life; sometimes this sensation is scary, but is the same sense about going to the unknown, and after passing this part, the peace or heal could be understood.
Year 2012




Lunares is a procedural intermedial piece, that through constellations made by body moles, describes the musicians destiny and spin them with the obtained moments by their own experiences. The performative structure is based on human being becoming, that implies the constant tension between birth and death. The sonorous, visual and body incorporation are used as an expression tool, establishes an analogy related to creation elements: sound – vibration, light and at the end material , and the corresponding decomposition for giving way to the cycle again.


Inspired by a reading that her father made from a book titledFrom ClosedWorld to Infinite Universeby Alexander Koyre, on his last days with life, Daniela makes a reflection about that moment that he lived, and about thepossibilities that represented those words in front of the face to his destiny: a definitive and imminent death. Seeking to mean again the fate from the owncorporeality, the author makestravel from thatclosed worldrepresentedby mole’s cartographies and physical body, opening way to thatinfiniteUniversethat implies death as an transition, and for those in life the value of memory, creation,  state of transcendence and awareness


Daniela started a personal exploration where she asked herselfhow will take place the creation of body moles sound piece; sheexperimented with herself and the fate concept, and she realizedthat the system could works making constellations that wereparalell with sounds 


Was started with the process of each musician, were made a lot of explorations with them, in order to realize better the system creation of constellations.  As taking the option of use or not use the traditional score, arriving to think that depending of how is the situation we apply both cases, but the most important think is that sonorously exists an identification what is expressing the performer. 


This is how we constructed a piece that connected each constellation from each musician, parallely we invited the visual artist Indiana Christov, and a dancers group, on this way the artists will work with the Lunares (moles) and constellation concept, taking this as an inspiration for an intervention  

After this process, all the teamwork was agreed with starting a new interdisciplinary process for a performance creation with the thematic about Life and Death with the tools that the theater director Ireli Vasquez worked with us. Making a relation with the moments of each constellation and the stage structure.


Here is a work in progress of this part of the project:


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LMMV-Women on Transmedia Experimentation


Women on Transmedia Experimentation Less Masks More Voice

Less Masks More Voice is a meeting of women artists who share their briskness and disciplines and propose a common interest to come close to the limit of expression. Getting into transmedia experimentation. The development of the process consists in previous thematic we want to share with others and present, from here preparations start to set out.

The idea of this encounters (LMMV) was preceded by previous events summoned by Anatrizas, women exploring in music and interdisciplinary experiments. Later, there was an integration of musicians, composers, video and digital artists, and more, who decided to organised a women artists encounter and formalised a presentation. The members of this organisation are Aleyda Moreno, Piaka Roela, Malitzin Cortés and AnaTrizas (Shanttal Saad, Daniela Falcon and Alina Hernandez)


  • First Encounter of LMM took place on Bucarelli 69

The main thematic on this first encounter was to be what we are afraid to be. The creative process was thought for the public and for us. We involved the public and in a symbolic way, at the end of the presentation our fears were destroyed. The collective improvisations were performed for the love for living, acceptations and the desire to liberate our fears. This time, LMMV took place at Bucarelli 69 and it started with a performance by Daniela Falcon and Piaka Roela, afterwards sonorous improvisations by Nonis Prado, Roxana Hernandez, Nadia Cano and Aleyda Moreno, AnaTrizas (Shanttal Saad, Alina Hernandez on a streaming from Peru, Daniela Falcon) and digital art on the walls and performer’s bodies by Malitzin Cortés.



  • Second Encounter of LMMV – As part of the 7th Edition of Creative Women’s Festival, started 7 years ago in Nayarit, Mexico. Creative Women’s collective made Creative Women’s Festival this year, and celebrating the 7th edition, they opened an invitation for other women to carry out the festival in their respective towns and the festival extended internationally. This time it took place in Nayarit, Colima, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Spain, England and United States. LMMV got in contact with Creative Women’s Collective to propose the First Creative Women’s Festival in Mexico City, and proposed Sanadoras – La Caldería as location where it took place.