Broken PerfOpera


Broken Perfopera is an interdisciplinary performing-art piece, researching a contemporary representation, it mix performance, music and theatre. Makes a criticism about the role played by women on our current society in relation with overproduction (capitalist term) that surround our social systems.

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This piece emerges from observing patterns existing due sexual violence and abuse generated toward women, and how this event provoked an internal awareness of it, which is similar of feeling exploited. Exploited as well as the food provided by the System we live in today, and that women only function as an immediate satisfaction, without awareness that we are the ones who endow life and possess fertility in this world, and in the same way has been the exploitation of nature of those who have power in this world, without empathy that the earth is what gives us life, fertility and fruits so that we can live.

Then the following premise arises:

How is it that the woman’s body has been attacked and vulnerable due to the image of the object that is imposed on her and that has existed in her up to the present in our Social System. The above is comparable to the lack of awareness that exists in relation to nature and those who are responsible for generating a consumer society through the production of what human being depends, lacks consciousness and has led the world on a overexploitation earth and nature, which is something that should have a natural process such as sexuality and reproduction.








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The creation of this piece, comes from a personal artistic process as a composer and performer (of the Music Project as a Scenic Entity), that Daniela has been developing in recent years. Also this proposal, together with the Perf-Opera wins the First Place on the National Prize for Contemporary Scenic Creation endorsed by National Fund for Culture and the Arts.









Work In Progress at National Prize of Interdisciplinary Scenic Creation


Complete Piece

Author: Daniela Falcon
Direction: Daniela Falcon
Codirection: Guillermo San Juan
Composition Musical: Daniela Falcon
Performers: Karla Paola, Daniel Goel, Daniela Falcon
Opera singer: Ingrid Gabriela
Interdisciplinary Experimental Music Ensamble: Cynthia Garduño, Belinda Huerta, Jonathan Noverón, Ernesto Alejandro Salgado, Alda Arita, Luz Anahí Olivares, Victor Cortés, Augusto Chavez, Rafael Belman
Puppet construction and handling: Gerardo Ledezma
General Production: Un Teatro & Fondo Abierto Colective
Executive Production: Homero Fernandez Segura
Illumination Design: Mauricio Arizona
Dressmaker: María María
Multimedia: Homero Guerrero
Production Assistance: Emiliano Tello
Graphic Design: Alejandra Trazos
Stage Construction: En FA Producciones
Wardrobe Realization: Rosario Rojas Ortiz
Photography: Fabiola Dominguez / Daniela Falcon
Video Recording: Alexandra Ballesteros / Daniela Falcon

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