Mythological Soundscape


Mythological Soundscape. Is a project that started on 2012, with the first soundscape made in Wirikuta, at San Luis Potosi desert. When Dan, made this piece she just started her studies on music composition, and was not possible to develop this project on totality. The development of this project, consists on doing the soundscapes that involves the immediate reality with myths from places, and with fantasy, made by the composition of sounds that the author perceive and create getting inspired with the place. Is on the plan, to make this project on many parts from the world, starting with all the American continent, from Alaska to Tierra de Fuego in la Patagonia, on this way, perceiving all the sound possibilities and the interpretation that places can give, and also as a manifest of the importance that have to conserve and preserve the mythologies and make them still alive, to foment the live contact with nature and human beings. Here we show the first soundscape, and we hope that on 2018 could be possible to retake this project with the first travel over all the American Continent, linked also to obtain a visual-exploration.


This soundscape has been showed on the International Personal Soundscapes from ORF Musikprotokoll, on the Pierre Schaeffer Price from Phonurgia Nova Festival, at the Videodance Festival CINEDANS (as part of a video dance project, performed by Davy Bisaro and directed by Baltazar Peña Ríos), and at some shows in Canada and Mexico.




Soundscape based in samples collected in Wirikuta.
Wirikuta was the place of world creation according to Wixarica (huicholes in Spanish) culture, it is located in San Luis Potosí desert at Mexico northwest, covering 193,000 hectares. Pámparios means thank you in this proto-nahua language. One of their most important millenary legends narrate that when all was darkness, from Ocean’s profundities blue deer was born, it made a pilgrimage to find light, walking to the east arriving to Wirikuta , sacrificed itself and became hikuri (peyote) for being light and heal.
Recording people daily activities, music, an old man who doesn’t had a leg and an eye who worked in trail tracks when was young, a crying kid, some girls calling in a cell phone saying an adress for arrive, a woman who sang after two years of no rain, rain, rivers formed by the storms, rays, old and recent watermills, steps, swings, the train (where sometimes are inmigrants from Mexico and South America, crossing the country for arrive to United States). I mixed all this sounds for express my own experience of being there, trying to connect with fantasy.
This soundscape uses all the samples from this place, anything was recorded on a study or after the expedition to Wirikuta. I’m trying to tell a story about going inside, that can be related to a symbolism of death and life; sometimes this sensation is scary, but is the same sense about going to the unknown, and after passing this part, the peace or heal could be understood.
Year 2012



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