Musician As Stage Entity


Musician As Stage Entity

This project was born because the artist’s intention about involve her interests on the creation of her own manifestation, passing through music as vibration principle, of movement, also vibration as the beginning of everything, the body as consequent and then the visual world that is the manifestation of that process which starts from the most simple thing, sound. She has developed many performance that are linked to this work-process. This project has been developed with the support and counseling from the actor Guillermo San Juan who also is developing with Daniela the Broken Opera, where we are having as principle the fusion of this developed proposals on Musician As Stage Entity and the music composition from the opera.



Trimurti means Three Forms in Sanskrit, is a term that makes reference to three important Gods from hinduist mythology that are Brahma, Visnu and Shiva. Those gods represent respectively the creation, conservation and destruction cycles from the Universe. On this performance, the symbols are retaken for make a representation about how the subconscious mind and conduct are affected by those three forces that are revealed on body, at some moment the character is broken, until it arrives to the moment of body energies union



Money Love, Money Sickness

Performance shown with Anatrizas. Here we have an perform improvisation exploration with text, expressivity and body, as consequence of being musician (and not an actress).

Lunares – Composer Performers Workshop

Extract of a performance composed and performed by Dan. This is from Lunares project, and was showed on Kunsthalle at Darmstadt Musikinstitut 2016. As a part from the Workshop Composer-Performer with Jennifer Walshe and David Helbich.


Bathroom Intervention

This is an improvisation-intervention that shows the diverse possibilities that can be in a bathroom as musician and how it affects the space.


Dan as performer from a proposal made by Omar Spencer, composer.


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