Lunares is a procedural intermedial piece, that through constellations made by body moles, describes the musicians destiny and spin them with the obtained moments by their own experiences. The performative structure is based on human being becoming, that implies the constant tension between birth and death. The sonorous, visual and body incorporation are used as an expression tool, establishes an analogy related to creation elements: sound – vibration, light and at the end material , and the corresponding decomposition for giving way to the cycle again.


Inspired by a reading that her father made from a book titledFrom ClosedWorld to Infinite Universeby Alexander Koyre, on his last days with life, Daniela makes a reflection about that moment that he lived, and about thepossibilities that represented those words in front of the face to his destiny: a definitive and imminent death. Seeking to mean again the fate from the owncorporeality, the author makestravel from thatclosed worldrepresentedby mole’s cartographies and physical body, opening way to thatinfiniteUniversethat implies death as an transition, and for those in life the value of memory, creation,  state of transcendence and awareness


Daniela started a personal exploration where she asked herselfhow will take place the creation of body moles sound piece; sheexperimented with herself and the fate concept, and she realizedthat the system could works making constellations that wereparalell with sounds 


Was started with the process of each musician, were made a lot of explorations with them, in order to realize better the system creation of constellations.  As taking the option of use or not use the traditional score, arriving to think that depending of how is the situation we apply both cases, but the most important think is that sonorously exists an identification what is expressing the performer. 


This is how we constructed a piece that connected each constellation from each musician, parallely we invited the visual artist Indiana Christov, and a dancers group, on this way the artists will work with the Lunares (moles) and constellation concept, taking this as an inspiration for an intervention  

After this process, all the teamwork was agreed with starting a new interdisciplinary process for a performance creation with the thematic about Life and Death with the tools that the theater director Ireli Vasquez worked with us. Making a relation with the moments of each constellation and the stage structure.


Here is a work in progress of this part of the project:


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