LMMV-Women on Transmedia Experimentation


Women on Transmedia Experimentation Less Masks More Voice

Less Masks More Voice is a meeting of women artists who share their briskness and disciplines and propose a common interest to come close to the limit of expression. Getting into transmedia experimentation. The development of the process consists in previous thematic we want to share with others and present, from here preparations start to set out.

The idea of this encounters (LMMV) was preceded by previous events summoned by Anatrizas, women exploring in music and interdisciplinary experiments. Later, there was an integration of musicians, composers, video and digital artists, and more, who decided to organised a women artists encounter and formalised a presentation. The members of this organisation are Aleyda Moreno, Piaka Roela, Malitzin Cortés and AnaTrizas (Shanttal Saad, Daniela Falcon and Alina Hernandez)


  • First Encounter of LMM took place on Bucarelli 69

The main thematic on this first encounter was to be what we are afraid to be. The creative process was thought for the public and for us. We involved the public and in a symbolic way, at the end of the presentation our fears were destroyed. The collective improvisations were performed for the love for living, acceptations and the desire to liberate our fears. This time, LMMV took place at Bucarelli 69 and it started with a performance by Daniela Falcon and Piaka Roela, afterwards sonorous improvisations by Nonis Prado, Roxana Hernandez, Nadia Cano and Aleyda Moreno, AnaTrizas (Shanttal Saad, Alina Hernandez on a streaming from Peru, Daniela Falcon) and digital art on the walls and performer’s bodies by Malitzin Cortés.



  • Second Encounter of LMMV – As part of the 7th Edition of Creative Women’s Festival, started 7 years ago in Nayarit, Mexico. Creative Women’s collective made Creative Women’s Festival this year, and celebrating the 7th edition, they opened an invitation for other women to carry out the festival in their respective towns and the festival extended internationally. This time it took place in Nayarit, Colima, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Spain, England and United States. LMMV got in contact with Creative Women’s Collective to propose the First Creative Women’s Festival in Mexico City, and proposed Sanadoras – La Caldería as location where it took place.


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