A n a T r i z a s



Destroyed Palindrome

Women artist who explore through sound and transmedia, the dissolution and breakup of our self and each self. A present experience


AnaTrizas is concern and takes an interest in the importance of women community empowerment because of the difficulties we have found in women things in arts worlds. We promote the encounter with the unknown and artistic disciplines to manifest a collective proposal so that each person who gets involved can feel identified, no matter age, gender or political ideology.

We get back in touch with ritualistic aspects, with spontaneity, we make fun of established standardized patterns, and look into the unknown, possibilities of expression. We found ourselves looking how to express and revive the wisdom that needs to be rescued, the expression of that what society has blocked, what is understood by femininity.

To be Feminine is not to be passive, femininity exists in multiple ways, there are multiple options, multiple ways of being without labels, not restricted by definitions but in the search of a new capacity of expression of the voice, music, body, the being. With this, we recall Coyolxauhqui image, mexican lunar goddess, who represents the celestial stellar mantle, the whole milky way, the moon, the universe that provides light in darkness. The light that at least most western world has forgotten to observe, and encouraging sisterhood, women of the world will start again waving like constellations that diffuse intuitive wisdom that harbors inside each-self.




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