Daniela Falcon, is an italian-mexican composer and trans-disciplinary artist. Ritual, body, experimental music and improvisation supporter, also of New Discipline, medicine, health, traveling, experimentation, videoart, performance, diversity, art deconstruction for making it something more connected, that at the end is a constant learning and teaching without mattering the context from where are we from.


Daniela explores the limits between artistic disciplines, for taking back the principle of body that receives and gives, retaking material from ritual and symbols that come from microcosmos to macrocosmos that can become an experience. She has developed and collaborated on projects where body, performance and digital arts are involved, photography and experimental video, as creator, performer, music performer, composer and producer. Has developed voice-body work since 2012, where she explores by herself the voice possibilities related with body movement as a consequence of voice expressivity which she calls Musician As Stage Entity, at the same time she has offered lots of workshops of voice development as a health way, for freeing ourselves and as an expressive manifestation used in music.


Since she was kid, was involved in researches related to linguistics, mythology, legend and rituals from Chontales, Chol, Nahuatl and Zoque Native Communities from Tabasco and Chiapas in Mexico, developing an interest for rituals, symbolism and mythology. Also since she was a kid, she studied classic piano, performing arts and experimental photo and video. She has participated as collaborator and creator on many festivals, theatre forums and encounters as Soundscape Festival Pierre Schaeffer from Phonurgia Nova on Paris, at the Performing Arts Forum on France, at the International Darmstadt Musikinstitut on Germany, at CINEDANS Video Dance Festival in Amsterdam, at UMBRAL, Centro Cultural del Bosque, Centro de Cultura Digital, Museo el Eco, Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, Festival Internacional de Cine de Guanajuato, Festival y Encuentro de Música Experimental Random, the Interdisciplinary Improvisation Cycle by Mexican Laboratory of Sound Improvisation, Hysteria Festival, etc. Is developer, creator, producer and performer of Lunares, Anatrizas, Music As Stage Entity, Body-Voice-Resonance, Mythological Soundscape, and the Encounter of Women on Transmedia  Experimentation Less Masks More Voice. Now she is writing the Broken Opera, that is a capitalism criticism, related with overproduction, making an analogy in between woman body with the earth, that is over-exploited and devalued by imposed values from this system, trying to make visible the absurd of consume in this society and that the thing that we forgot the most is the respect of fertility, life, earth. She has studied Music Composition on Superior School Of Music from the National Center of Arts in Mexico City and International Relations at the Autonomous University of Mexico, she has obtained the PECDA, Tabasco support two times.